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Are Huts Killing Us?

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Are Huts Killing Us?

Hello nation builders,

The inclusion of huts are a great addition.  There is something mysterious and fun about not knowing the outcomes of our actions.  Huts could make or break us at the start of a game.  However, taking the gamble of a potential loss of units at the start of a new game makes huts aversive.  This matter became very clear with the server restart on 7/6/16.  Among other players, I lost all starting units except my settlers and worker.  

I think that decreasing the roll rate for losing a unit when they move onto a hut position for the first few days of a server restart might mitigate this difficult huddle.  Another option involves decreasing the roll rate of losing a unit for players within their first few days of game play.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Talk soon,

Kyle Ren