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Extended map

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Extended map

I would like an expanded world map. it need only be of the unshrouded area. I think this expanded map is something that could be paid for. an in app purchase of $2. a map that shows more detail than the current world map and is more expandable. something that covers the whole page. this in app purchase is not a necessity and it also does not give you extra power it just makes understanding the world better. thank you

Gábor Auth
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Hmm... would you give some example?


The option to zoom out. That would work.

I just get disoriented. Don't know if I am north or south. Mini map does not have icons.

So if the option to zoom out of main map. I would be able to get big picture. Or icons on mini map. At least a pointer of current location and maybe citys.


simple fullscreen Map with little dots for cities (white purple red) 100x100 tiles map