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While most have condemned IAP as ruin for fair play, I don't think so.

I like mmogs because of realism. Like in life, we are not equal in all areas. Oh well-deal with it and move on or be a homeless bum and sit under bridge and complain.

With that said IAP purchases of power do not ruin the games. Maybe they balance the players more. Some of us have less time in real life others have less time in game.

On to my suggestion. IAP of gold in game and a method of paying/buying peace for set times from bullies. Maybe a way to exchange gold for others village's with permission.

Life is rough and for the most part unbalanced. I only play mmogs because they offer the possibility of good and evil between players.  Let the dumb rich people dump money into the game. I want the game to live.  

IAP of power brings more tears and more joy. Two aspects of realism. I do not fear those more powerful than me. I plot for the trophies, even if I shall never achieve.

Gábor Auth
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Our IAP plan is very simple: the players could buy extra (but not too much!) XP per month as a subscription... :)

Gábor Auth
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An alternative way: the subscription based gameplay. For example: we will give one months full access to every fresh account and after this grace period the players will pay for play per month. So that, the players could try the game for free and the engaged players will support us every month. Hm?


I think the income from subscription would not be enough. The higher the monthly cost the less likely they will do it. Personally I would pay no more then 3$ a month on subscription. I don't even let my son have subscriptions. 

In the heat of excitement or fury to wage war crazy people like myself have no problem paying 5$ for this hat. Or 3$ for a vanity item. 

Throughout years of MMOS I've found that short lived addiction to rpg like growth a person would spend hundreds to gain what amounts to vanities. Why limit the games income and growth to small monthly payments. In world of warcraft. I think I spent 1,000.00 USD for illegal gold purchases in 6 months. I was not alone I n this.

I tought myself to code java just so I could play Tribal Wars in a faster fashion. Game designers came to understand this and started to take over these once illegal activities. Now they themself sell the gold and also sell the Java codes to automate games.

Players cried foul so then the designers went to a system that only pretended to give extra powe, vanities. 

I did not doesn't matter how much I would spend. Power comes from devotion.

Why do I care. I love civilization games. And I love mmo. And this is the best portable one with growing potential. I want it to grow for years to come.


I am just a player. I think what you have done is great. I am sure some of my ideas would ruin games. They would. Follow you instincts.


I think the best way to earn money for this type of game is to offer players lifelong bonusses and/or vanity items.


bonusses include:starting exp,starting gold,starting tech..., but u can also offer players things like maps,items wich reduce movement time on a unit...

vanity items: towns could look like castles,strongholds,dark towers... units and or land owned by the player can change appearance:swaps,black mountains,exotic trees.... That way players can spend like 10$ to get an empire of dark towers,burnt land and zombie soldiers or a mystical empire full of underground cities and dwarven-like creatures....