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Spawn idea

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Spawn idea

idea for Spawn cirle or center..
if all players start in center and spiral away, late come players will have better trade bonus.. 
if all players start on random cont in R200 circle than goal is to reach center for better resources on 4 central cont or 0/0 is center of 1st cont ..


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yes... sounds good.. but i think maybe only 1-2 players per continent.. otherwise at the start u end up with 5 or ten players crammed in together with no room to grow. i know its a cpmpetetive game... but... and to address the players that start then dont play.. what if we reset them after a set time limit inaction if they havent planted say.. three settlers?? just an idea 

Gábor Auth
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Ahm... yes: the inactive players are causing the most of the problems. Maybe on the next server we will enable the initial protection of new players and remove the cities and units of the inactive players when this protection is expired.